About me


Name: Ngan Nguyen.

But you can call me: Finnie / Finnicious.

Age: Does it matter? I was born in the 90s. =))

Skin type: Dry Combination (a little bit dry in U zone, a little bit oily in T zone).

Undertone: Neutral Cool (it's Neutral, but more Cool). =))

I'm a traditional Scorpio, have a very strong personality and truly love beauty from deep down of my heart.

This little blog is all about beauty products reviews, beauty tips and... well, just blog.

Everything reviewed in this blog was bought by me without any sponsors.

Rite now I'm just a student, I don't have much time and money to buy much or do much, but everything I wrote, I wrote with all my heart.

So hope you guys will understand my inspiration, support me or, even more, can find out your own inspirations when you read my little blog. :)

Have a nice day and thank you for spending time reading these stupid words. =))

P.s: just for those who might wonder, "Fin" means "the end" in French and "Finnie" or "Finnicious" was my creation from the original word. :*